Clean State Cleaning is Always at Your Service! We specialize in eco-friendly cleaning with a high attention to detail.

Clean Slate Cleaning Services uses no harsh chemicals and steam cleaning - the smart, safe, and effective way of keeping your home or business clean, healthy, and looking brand new!

We are able to gently remove dirt, dust, and grime from surfaces without the use of ANY chemicals. Not only is steam cleaning safer for our environment, but it is also a safer option for children and pets.

Steam cleaning a kitchen.

Steam Cleaning Health Benefits

Steam Cleaning is the only cleaning method classified as “deep.”

  • Allergen control
  • Disinfects 99.99% of germs & bacteria
  • Eliminates bedbugs, dust mites & their eggs
  • No Chemicals
Commercial tile floor cleaning.

Steam cleaning is the top choice for homeowners and businesses, for a number of reasons, including:

  1. Child & Pet-Friendly

    Steam cleaning uses natural heat to kill harmful bacteria and sterilize surfaces. Steam cleaning is safe, effective way to eliminate germs from kids' toys as well as the fleas, eggs, and larva attracted to pets. Steam cleaning also eliminates sticky odors!

  2. Non-Toxic

    Steam cleaning kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria without the use of toxic chemicals like ammonia and bleach.

  3. Budget Friendly

    Water and electricity - the only requirements for steam cleaning.

  4. Mold Remediation

    Steam can reach the hard-to-reach places, the nooks and crannies that mold likes to hide, and stop it in its tracks.

  5. Allergen Control

    In addition to germs and bacteria, steam cleaning kills dust mites, a top cause for allergic reactions, second only to pollen.